If I decided not to use some customised domain names, I might set alternative link later.

1337Umbra is an alias formed by the author alias as chuhei or Zhuxi during between 2015-2017. It was no meaning until being chosen during a game of dimension of damned finale aka that glitchy game by Jagex® then converted the alias as domain. Now, in Runescape®, just barely be able to make some passive coins while on offical business.
Although Datsun® has been allowed to use .nissan , still not happy because these administration steps are very horrible. You know, Three million dollars lost in court and other in other section! I personally bear the lose-lose in mind, for the details, it is welcomed to visit IANA and the case of Nissan motor and Nissan computer (via google®) or via Microsoft's bing®

Updated on 15 June 2019
I have tried one of things which people are generally dreaming for. Four Character and meaningful .com domain. I now get one and plan to make more great things later. To start with, try 87x1.com.

Updated on 6 April 2019
In Runescape®, I now activated two alchemiser mk II. Hoping can get remaining bonds on or before November this year. My avatar's profile in RS3, well, only two skills, agility and farming, below level 90, the both is level 89.
It is said if you have one level 99 skills in non-combat skills and 103 invention or 91 invention if you have 95 herblore or being allowed to brew extreme invention for a moment, you might have higher degree of freedom.
You only need to find a way to reach invention 108, to build the alchemiser mk II, prepare nats, onyx bolts(e) in times of twenty-five and some energy, then you can do more important things. You don't need to have 108 invention to use the machine, You ONLY need 108 invention to build the machine.

Updated on 26 March 2019
In Runescape®, I now starts to load my second alchemiser mk II, hoping can load that in full so I can worry less than before as I have something more important to do. Why mk II? I don't know, perhaps the machine doesn't need additional fire runes, also can process up to 25 items hourly instead of eight per hour. Of course, If for number, One cell can only handle twenty times instead of sixty-six time. Think again, fire rune is only considered as reloading polypore staff while nature rune is stable. Of course, If can do, then I personally do the most.